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Wozniak delighted with the new biopic about Steve Jobs

The new biopic “Steve jobs”, an indoor whose premiere took place at the film festival Telluride Film received positive reviews from journalists. Chief film critic edition of Variety’s Justin Chang called the tape a must-see because of the originality of the plot, showing the important stages in the life of the inventor of the iPhone. He believes that Steve jobs would have liked the Director’s approach to filming.

Acting Michael Fassbender has also received positive response and was named impressive. Chang drew attention to the similarity of the film with another film screenwriter Aaron Sorkin — “the Social network” where mark Zuckerberg demonstrates the way saw him from the side. However, scenario work Sorkin, according to Chang, head and shoulders above his own Oscar-winning screenplay of the picture.

According to Pete Hammond from Indiwire, the movie turned out incredibly interesting, though not without flaws. “The delight of acting, the delight of the Director, the delight of music and filigree operator job,” he said.

Steve Wozniak after watching the movie didn’t doubt the veracity of the picture. “I was then invited to the end of the material and still the feelings were such that I see real people and not actors who perform their roles. And in this first merit Boyle and Sorkin,” said he. Wozniak is confident that before any other awards for the film will fall on Kate Winslet.

The biopic will tell about the life of co-founder of Apple in adulthood. The script is based on a biographical bestseller, Peru owned by Walter Isaacson. However, the interest spurred by Aaron Sorkin, the main writer of the picture, saying that it was not the chronology of the creation of the Mac and the “ascent” of the main character. And in the film there is an element of fiction.

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To work on the painting attracted a stellar cast. So, Kate Winslet played the role of Johanna Hoffman (member of the Apple team and, in the future, NeXT). Seth Rogen will transform into Steve Wozniak, and Jeff Daniels is brought before us in the role of John sculley.

The premiere of the biographical film about the founder of Apple will take place on 9 October. In Russia “Steve jobs” hits theaters November 12.

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