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Would you buy wireless charging for iPhone 8?

Contrary to previous rumors, only one of the three new smartphones from Apple, called iPhone 8 will receive inductive wireless charging and glass case. But buyers will have to purchase a separate accessory to use technology, which will not be included in the package.

How did you find Japanese resource MacOtakara, this accessory will be based on technology the company Luxshare, which supplies a coil for wireless charging Apple Watch. And published data do not allow to count on the use of the iPhone 8 wireless charging range.

The source is not told, what it will look like the device for wireless transmission of energy. Apple already equips the chargers, “smart” watches, so it is possible that smartphones will get similar technology.

These same sources say Apple plans to abandon the inclusion in the scope of delivery 8 iPhone adapter Lightning-to-3.5 mm audio Jack. You also have to buy separately from the smartphone itself.

Mac Otakara has a decent track record. And experts successfully predicted some features of the iPhone 7. However, information on the emergence of “classical” wireless charging in smartphones Apple seems to be very controversial.

Earlier cupertinos actively opposed the existing technology. In particular, the head of worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller said that the smartphone wireless charging still need a charger connected to an electrical outlet, so Apple don’t see a significant convenience of this technology.

If the iPhone 8 will support standard wireless charging, will you buy the Apple adapter or dock?

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