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“Wooden” iPhone for 210 000 is called to save the world from nuclear war

At a time when the world situation has escalated to unprecedented recent levels due to a possible nuclear confrontation with the DPRK and Iran, a producer of exclusive smartphones, and we felt it necessary to urge the world powers to show restraint, presenting an exclusive iPhone case from 200 years old African black wood.

Announced a new “peacekeeping” smartphone Blackwood intended for the UN Security Council. The release of this iPhone 7 and 7 Plus should urge countries to show restraint and to remind you that the world is the main value on the planet.

According to the creators of the smartphone, the iPhone finish the 200-year African ebony is one of the most rare and precious wood in the world – reflects the value of life on Earth and its deep natural origin. Each instance is special because of the unique pattern on wood panels, created by nature.

A metal insert engraved with a dove of peace holding a palm branch, is intended to remind members of the Security Council that it is in their power to confront contemporary threats to peace and prevent a nuclear disaster.

“Gresso Blackwood is an elegant incarnation of the cult phone, established in the year of the 10th anniversary since the release of the first iPhone. Became the revolutionary signature style of elegant minimalism iPhone brought to the highest point – getting the embodiment in expensive high-tech and eco-friendly materials. Aviation titanium plus the rare and valuable wood in the world.”

A commemorative gift is supposed to give the representatives of the States members of the security Council on 29 may, the international day of UN peacekeepers.

The collection will go on sale in Russia in a limited edition of 999 copies. The price of iPhone 7 by Gresso Blackwood is 192 000, iPhone 7 Plus by Gresso Blackwood – 209 000.

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