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Wooden case Pad & Quill for iPhone Woodline 5 times stronger than metal analogues

Covers-linings for Apple’s smartphones in recent years, deservedly in high demand and popularity. Mostly they are made of plastic, rubber or metal. However, many manufacturers at the same time neglecting the tree, the material is practical and beauty appearance of the device. This cover-plate has provided a small company Pad & Quill, specializing in accessories for mobile electronics.

A new case was called Woodline and its key feature is not so much the material of the accessory, as its consumer properties. According to the manufacturer, this case is five times stronger than its equivalent in the metal.

In fact, novelty is a cover for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, offering additional protection of the back cover of the smartphone. Woodline is made of wood and has a Kevlar base. Contrary to popular belief, Kevlar is not material. This is a brand special fiber, which is produced by the chemical company DuPont. The material is very durable.

Pad & Quill has offered four versions of the cover: American cherry, rosewood, Zebra and the premium version is American walnut.

“The new Woodline case for iPhone 6 and 6s has absorbed the beauty and durability of real wood and is virtually invulnerable thanks to the Kevlar – one of the strongest polymers on earth. Wooden case is the crown in the craftsmanship of these accessories. Although the case Woodline not swims like a canoe, he has incredible strength and resistance to mechanical influences and adds less than a millimeter of thickness to the iPhone.”

Traveller does not limit access to camera and flash, which provides a special window, and also has cutouts for the volume keys, connectors on the bottom of the iPhone and the power button.

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Currently at Pad & Quill Woodline open pre-orders, which costs $of 49.95. After the beginning of sales the price will increase by $10. In any case, this is a pretty good price for a quality case for iPhone.

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