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Wooden case Hibiki promises to improve sound quality iPhone 6

IPhone users have no shortage of covers for their devices. The range of manufacturers have a variety of models, ranging from bumpers and covers, batteries, cases ending with an extra e-ink screen. As for the cases with built-in speakers, they are also widely available on the market. The Japanese company Simplism proposed a model that promises to improve sound quality iPhone.

Accessory named Hibiki Acoustic iPhone Case is a wooden case for iPhone 6 special design. Improve the sound quality of the speakers is achieved through special materials. According to the manufacturer, the reverse of the sleeve is covered with a high-tech material PULSHUT MU, which reduces interference and the amount of noise while playing music.

Also in Simplism assure that the sound iPhone promotes the use of wood high quality white ash for the production casing, and three control points are used to suppress the vibration while listening to music at high volume.

How untrue statements of Japanese, we can only guess. The cost Hibiki Acoustic iPhone Case is still unknown, but the case soon will be available on the company’s website.

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