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“Wonder Book”: the best way to teach children to love books

The older generation has the alarm: children have ceased to read, sit endlessly at their phones, looking at pictures of the hopeless and degraded. A controversial statement, but partly true – see the modern child a book (even a digital one) is now a hundred times more difficult than a few decades ago: to replace reading it’s a lot more entertaining and colorful forms of entertainment. But there is a way – you can give the child in your arms not a boring recycled wood, and full of fun on the familiar tale, has a variety of pictures, puzzles, interactive stories, and other bonus programs. One such application is the “Wonder-Book.”

In fact, in this program – a set of different books. The library is vast: from the famous fairy tale about a turnip and shepherd to the f and encyclopedias. In addition, even full – fledged interactive animated cartoon about cats. The choice is huge, for a variety of ages – there are works and for the very young, and older, and for Teens; do not be afraid that your child will “grow” from the app. Which is especially important for the snow season – app “sewn” collection of works full of winter mood.

But the typing does not mean anything – it’s still necessary to present the book to interest. Luckily, this “Miracle Book” is no problem at all – it uses all the rich variety of forms of multimedia. First, a very beautiful illustration: little Red riding Hood sits in front of the Wolf, he angrily looks around, behind the colorful entourage. You can click on the picture – something to swing or move. But that’s not all: sometimes a book grows, say, a maze – you need to take the character from one place to another, to help him in difficult adventures. Or to spin some mystery – also directly in the process of reading.

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It’s great paints a rather monotonous, to be honest, the reading process – the child, accustomed to the colorful pictures and the interactive, get acquainted with letters the most comfortable way: still, a real attraction! Because of this, your child will no longer perceive books as a service and source of endless exercises – he will understand that reading can be fun, classy and bright.

Initially, you will discover two works: “Snow white” and “Animals of Australia”. But that doesn’t mean the rest necessarily have to pay – not at all. Every week from lock-up are selected two books for seven days, you can safely read. Thus, without free content. But if you want more, you can buy books individually or subscribe to – then at some time you will discover the whole bottomless library. The subscription auto-renewal works, which you can cancel at any time. Especially for those who are afraid of random purchases: the app is protection from “child transactions”, so that without your intervention nothing to buy will not succeed.

In General, the “Miracle Book” is a great way to teach children to the wonderful pastime: reading. Huge library, a wide range of multimedia capabilities, low price, attractive appearance – anything else in General, don’t need to.

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