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Wmestocard – instead of thousands of cards

Now look closely at the wallet in which you store all your discount cards. Significantly? It is the same. Moreover, surely someone was in a situation where just the cards that need it not; forgotten or lost. Discount a million pieces of plastic, out of action five years ago, but that need not. This problem helps to address the application Wmestocard – free storage of all sorts of discount cards.

First of all, the app will ask you where you live – no need to hide, be honest. Will come in handy. Then you need to base Wmestocard add data, just maps: what you have, what you use often. If you pay can a piece of plastic not to pull out – just show the seller, and he will understand.

Another important and useful feature Wmestocard – the app tells you about all relevant discounts. That’s why you specified the city in which you live – Wmestocard somehow scan the shops and write, right now where the shares are held. If you’re lucky, the name of the store even will be recorded on the map, with the addition of annotation – if you are lucky twice, you will be close to go.

Best Wmestocard monitors Federal networks – after all, regional sellers until all applications on the pencil. But the program will paint you a complete list of discounts in “M. Video”, “L’etoile” and other such places; it is convenient to use.

In addition, the application has the form of comments and likes – if you need to Express your opinion about this or that sales. The software also enables you to share virtual cards with friends and acquaintances – they will certainly appreciate the opportunity.

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Wmestocard free. Starting money for the application installation you will not be asked, and then any internal purchases will not be – all is fair and transparent. The program’s interface is comfortable, all the buttons are about where you expect them to see; to understand is not difficult.

Honestly, I’d like to have Wmestocard turned out – that the application became mandatory for all, as it is now compulsory WhatsApp, say, or banking programs for phone. It seems to be almost a step into the future, where the whole discount system setting in your phone where it is, in fact, place.

Download the app Wmestocard available for free from the App Store or Google Play, links to stores for your device are given on the official website of the project.

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