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Wmestocard – all card in the phone

As we have already talked about a potentially revolutionary application Wmestocard. We will remind, thanks to the program you can get all of your discount and membership cards in a smartphone, in order not to bloat the wallet with pieces of plastic. In the review we pointed out that the app is generally good, but will it really hit – time will tell. Now it is time to return to the program, and find out if anything has changed.

After the first glance clear – updated design. The interface is more lightweight and airy. However, aesthetics are not the one: now you can move cards as you wish – to get to the top, for example, a discount card food chain “Okay”. Or whatever you’re using as often as possible.

Expanded the scope of use. Before, when Wmestocard only appeared in the App Store, scanner in the hands of the seller not always, so here, read these. Now all differently: in many known networks (“Lenta”, “Perekrestok” and so on) everything should work – you just have to tell the seller what to do. Well and learn to ignore the views of heavy trade workers, by all means speak “And without this one now is it?”.

In addition, you can now use Wmestocard to pay utilities and other similar structures. It is enough to transfer payment data in the app, and add funds through the terminals, for example, “Sberbank”. Convenient – no need to hold a bunch of flower-papyrus.

The rest – Wmestocard all the same damn handy app. Replacement physical cards virtual – is only the tip of the iceberg of local functions. You can subscribe to news about discounts and promotions in many retail chains – it’s easier to track sales and save.

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Right from the app you can see which store sells your favorite goods at half price and then, using maps, plan routes of travel. But if you arrive at the store, and there will be the right size – you can write your representatives directly in the app. Rest assured, there will read and take action. Function, however, is rather actual for inhabitants of large cities – but the scope of Wmestocard is constantly expanding.

It is encouraging to see how the app and its audience is growing and getting better: after all, the more people will use these programs, the sooner we all get rid of fat purses, where half the places are occupied with loyalty card expired five years ago. Technology (albeit not the most perfect) to the masses.

Download the app Wmestocard available for free from the App Store or Google Play, links to stores for your device are given on the official website of the project.

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