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With a new line of iMac it’s time to return to desktop computers

Desktops returned. Of course, technical PC did not go anywhere, but the last few years, the emphasis on mobile form factors – tablets, smartphones and laptops.

Apple is one of the first companies that initiated the transition from desktop computers to tablets and laptops, however, as shown by WWDC, the company believes that a full-fledged PC replacement does not exist.

Apple is not willing to update the Mac computers, however in June she presented not only the latest iMac, but the device of a new generation of professionals – the iMac Pro. Thereby the Corporation has confirmed that the promised few months ago, the device is in development.

This is surprising, because recently, sales of desktop Macs as desktops in General, reduced due to the fact that users are more interested in laptops and other portable electronics.

Possible that Apple sees much more potential in desktop computers than in laptops. For a long time, the company focused on the consumer market, where the demand for laptops was much higher because of the portability and price of the latter. But Apple was determined to return to professional users on the Mac, what made it clear, paying special attention to virtual reality.

Why is Apple again became interested in desktop solutions? The obvious answer is performance. With desktops users don’t need to wonder, for example, about the time of Autonomous work and to restrict the operation of the processor and graphics card, so the Mac can get the best performance. Of course, MacBook pros are very powerful computers and their portability is a huge plus, but with the new iMac and iMac Pro Apple revealed that users do not need to accept restrictions for the sake of battery life and portability.

Of course, this is not the only reason. Do desktops have unique features that you will not get when buying a laptop, let alone tablet or smartphone. At the moment the maximum size of screen is 15 inch MacBook, while the iMac features a 21.5-inch display or 27-inch. MacBook can connect an external monitor, but again, you will face limitations and disadvantages of the technical plan.

The iMac has a long history, their roots can be traced back to the original Macintosh in 1984. Itself the line iMac appeared in 1998 and has gone through many difficulties. At the moment it is one of the oldest brands Apple. His strength and awareness around the world worth it, not to abandon the production of these machines.

Also do not forget that it is not only in technology, but also in the environment. With a MacBook you can work absolutely everywhere, as many do, but with the iMac you will have special jobs for which you sit down and tune in a working mood, which is important.

The desktop is far from dead. Apple’s attention to desktop machines means that they are still relevant for many users – especially developers and creative professionals.

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