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Wireless charging the iPhone 8 will not work at the time of release, will have to wait for iOS 11.1 (portrait mode)

Insiders spread information about the new iPhone 8 – the next anniversary of the flagship Apple. According to the journalist Firewall Daring John Gruber, the smartphone will receive support wireless charging, but it will have to wait for OS updates.

Sources said that the so-called iPhone 8 will be the first time to support induction wireless charging. But it will be sold separately, claims Gruber.

“I have heard that inductive charging [for iPhone 8] (a) will be sold separately and (b) may have to wait for the release of iOS 11.1 (a La portrait mode last year),” wrote Gruber.

According to preliminary data, all three new iPhone, which will be released in 2017 will receive support wireless charging Qi. But in order to use the technology, users will have to wait for updating to iOS 11.1. Last year, Apple has also delayed the introduction of key features in the iPhone 7 Plus – to use portrait mode required update 10.1.

Adapter/stand for iPhone 8 in the kit will not be delivered, as this will not be the primary method of charging. The new smartphones will be incorporated into the usual 5-watt power adapter that Apple puts in the box of their devices today.

So the veil of secrecy before the release of iPhone 8 ajar. However, all else may change: according to rumors, Apple is questioning the need for conventional wireless charging to their smartphone.

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