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Wireless charging Apple entered into a three of the most anticipated gadgets of 2017

In the coming year, experts predict the emergence on the market of innovative technical developments. Among them wireless charging Apple, which entered the list of the most anticipated gadgets of the year according to Metronews.

According to reports, Apple together with partners from USA and Asia, working on a fundamentally new technology of wireless charging. Common today technology, particularly in smartphones Samsung, Microsoft and other manufacturers allows you to charge the gadgets at a distance not exceeding a few centimeters from the special charging panel – otherwise, the energy losses in the transmission are too large.

Apple has decided to get rid of this restriction. The California company will present a system which provides for charging devices at a distance. Its official presentation is expected in autumn together with the new iPhone 8.

That Apple leads the development in this direction indicate a few things. In addition to patents, the company’s technology in December it was reported that one of the suppliers of the “Apple” of the company Dialog Semiconductor has invested $10 million in Energous, a company developing a system of wireless charging long-range. Partner the iPhone maker will have the right to use the technology to charge mobile devices through the air on a distance up to 5 meters from the charger.

Among other developments of 2017, which won’t leave users indifferent, called “smart” lenses. Over them now work for Google and Samsung. According to the plans of creators of these devices will be able to replace the glasses, fitness tracker, a watch, a camera and a scanner. For example, to make the owner of the lens only need to blink an eye. Also they are provided with access to the Network. First lenses should appear in 2017, but the peak of their popularity, as experts assume, will be in 2018-2019.

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Also in the new year waiting for the headphones-translators from the company Waverly Labs, and smartphone with a transparent screen from the Chinese Vivo.

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