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Wireless charging ahead in speed wired counterparts

Organization of the Wireless Power Consortium announced the creation of a new version of the specifications Qi wireless charging involving the use of three times more power than existing chargers.

Wireless charging is convenient to use. They allow you to forget about wires, while having only one significant drawback: when using similar technology recovery battery is somewhat slower than using wired interfaces. However, soon the situation will change, as a new generation of wireless Qi chargers will charge your gadgets at a power of 15 watts.

In such capacity 60% capacity of the battery should be filled with energy for about half an hour. This figure exceeds many wired charging, so in the Wireless Power Consortium are confident that now the wireless stations will become more widespread.

However, most of the existing devices that support wireless charging, will not be able to charge at 15 watts without a special adapter. This updated technology is backward compatible with the previous one, so a more powerful station can charge older devices.

It is assumed that the smartphones that are compatible with the new version of Qi, will be more expensive to manufacture, so most likely some time will continue to release models that support previous versions of the specification — at 5 and 7 watts.

The immediate availability of new charges Qi is expected later this year.

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