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Windows will soon cease to be the most common OS for the Internet

In the near future running Android will run more devices than Windows, follows from statistics of analytical company StatCounter.

StatCounter, the researchers came to the conclusion that very soon Windows will lose the lead in the world wide web. Describing what is happening as something that “would have been unthinkable five years ago”, they claim that Microsoft will soon cease to be the most common OS for Internet access. Now the share of Windows and Android are almost equal.

According to analysts ‘ estimates, the share of Android among the devices coming to the Internet is of 37.4%. At the same time, the share of gadgets on Windows was fixed at the level of 38.6%. It is noteworthy that five years ago, in January 2012, the share of Windows was 82%, Android 2.2 percent.

Now, the Android platform dominates the smartphone market: it now accounts for about 80% of the market. StatCounter statistics takes into account all means of access include desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Earlier, the experts of “Kaspersky Lab” announced that Android will soon become the main target of hackers in the Internet. This OS is already among the leaders that are most often attacked by intruders. In the future, the trend will increase.

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