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Windows 10 will block pirated games and apps

Customers who believe that Microsoft is not paying attention to the issue of controlling Windows 10, you are mistaken. In accordance with the user agreement, which you must approve before installing the latest platform, the company can legitimately interfere with the enjoyment of pirate toys.

Mention of the relevant terms of the agreement are contained in paragraph (B) of section 7 of the Agreement on the use of Microsoft, which entered into force on 1 August 2015.

From the agreement of Windows 10:

“We may automatically check your version of the software and download updates or configuration changes, including some that do not allow you to access the services, to run pirated games, or use unauthorized peripheral devices”.

Since users almost always, and even reading, accept the license agreement, otherwise the operating system will not be installed, there are no obstacles for the aforementioned turn of events in the path of Windows 10.

Exactly how will be exercising control over installed software, is still unknown. However, now using Windows 10 can cause serious problems in those countries where unlicensed software is widespread.

Thus, it is not obvious what is meant by “unauthorized peripheral devices”. Perhaps we are talking about game controllers, modified in such a way as to provide the wearer an unfair advantage in games.

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