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Windows 10 will be sold on a USB stick

July 29, Windows 10 will be available for download, however, to purchase the operating system will be in retail stores. This usually means buying the DVD, but this time Microsoft decided to sell the OS on a USB drive. At least so says the German portal WinFuture.

Apple has moved on to spread their operating systems on a USB stick after the release of MacBook Air and Microsoft can do it in just a month, with the release of Windows 10. If the information is confirmed, the software giant will be recorded on each media as 32 and 64-bit version of Windows 10, giving the user a choice. On USB flash drives will be distributed Home edition and Professional.

USB drives will appreciate the users who work on computers or laptops without an optical drive. This media faster, not afraid of physical impact. However, Windows 10 will be $25 more expensive options on the DVD: it will cost in the European market, $145.

Market experts believe that Windows 10 on USB must have at least the same price as on DVD, and in the near future become the main way of acquiring a new operating system. Indeed, more and more modern devices are available without optical drive, and Apple have long abandoned that medium.

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