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Windows 10 will be deprived of many features on smartphones with 512 MB of RAM

In the beginning, it became known that Microsoft is experiencing difficulties with the mobile version of Windows 10 for phones with 512MB of RAM. As it became known, on such devices platform capabilities had significantly curtail. A similar situation is observed for iOS – iPhone 4s, iPad mini, and iPod touch are deprived of some of iOS 8.

Microsoft tried to achieve full operation of Windows 10 at the most budget devices, but to no avail. The list of restrictions for older versions was great enough – due to the small amount of memory will affect the applications running in the background and multitasking.

Photos in HDR mode will be of lower quality, as the smartphone can only do three 5-megapixel frame, and not five a resolution of 8 megapixels. The navigation application can work in the background, exactly to the moment until the phone will be free RAM. Once its reserves are exhausted, the system will unload the application, and next time it will have to run it again.

Multitasking support on smartphones with 512 MB of RAM will be limited by the possibility of transfer in the background state of no more than two applications. Also in the browser you can open only two tabs simultaneously and when returning to a background tab, the information will be loaded again. Besides, most “heavy” sites and is able to cause browser to close.

App VoIP in the background when you run out of memory in some cases not be able to accept an incoming call or message.

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Overall, as noted, on smartphones with 512 MB of RAM theoretically you can run up to 97% of all third-party apps, but many of them can operate slowly and unstable.

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