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“Windows 10 was surprisingly good on the new MacBook Pro”

31.01.2017 Erika J. Wells 0 Comments

Journalist resource Windows Central’s Daniel Rubino has tested the new MacBook Pro. As an experiment he decided to use on the laptop is Windows 10 instead of the native macOS. Ten, according to the columnist, was surprisingly good on the MacBook.


"Windows 10 was surprisingly good on the new MacBook Pro"

“In a recent tutorial, I showed how easy it is to install Windows 10 on a new MacBook Pro. Although many people as before are on epplovskoy gland exclusively by the operating system macOS, it is actually no reasons why you need to abandon the world Microsoft use Windows 10 and the dual-boot feature,” govorit Rubino.

"Windows 10 was surprisingly good on the new MacBook Pro"


The journalist praised the MacBook Pro display with a resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels. However, he noted that Windows recommends you to use on laptop resolution of 2560 x 1600. Built-in Touch Bar fingerprint scanner Touch ID has refused to work at all, since Apple has not released relevant drivers, and the very touch-panel offers only a standard set of function keys: Touch Bar opportunities are revealed only in the macOS environment.

"Windows 10 was surprisingly good on the new MacBook Pro"

Panel trackpad in Windows 10 works in much the same way as in Apple. You can configure any gesture to perform the most different actions one, two, three and four fingers. However, you cannot assign tap with three fingers to launch Cortana. Despite the potential trackpad Apple Windows touchpad better Surface Book or the new HP Spectre x360, says Rubino.


"Windows 10 was surprisingly good on the new MacBook Pro"

The journalist noted the high sound quality of the MacBook Pro, which, according to him, one of the best in the industry. Deserved praise and build quality of the laptop. This has not been without criticism: in particular, shortages of interface connectors and a low profile keyboard, it is not for everyone.

As for the possibility of choosing a MacBook Pro as your main Windows machine, the journalist does not consider it optimal. From the point of view of a ratio price/quality on the market, there are more suitable options. Best for use with Windows Rubino believes Microsoft’s Surface Book.

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