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Windows 10 vs Windows 8.1: performance comparison

Because Microsoft’s share on the operating system market exceeds 90%, when the company releases a new version, users begin to compare it with the previous version of Windows. This time the comparison is with Windows 8.1.

Working in the field of network security company AVG Labs has decided to approach the testing process very seriously. For analysis was used laptop with Intel Core i7, RAM 16 GB, SSD 128 GB. Performed a clean installation of systems with the latest versions of drivers and benchmarks. In the process of testing in the room was maintained at a constant temperature, were used balanced power scheme.

Windows 10 loads faster than Windows 8.1, although by a narrow margin of 8.3 to 9 against, with), says Oszone. The same can be said about the time of launching the web browser Internet Explorer (with 0,45 against 0.9 C). The benchmark PCMark 8 analyzes real-world scenarios using systems, like web browsers, Office Suite 2013, Adobe Creative Suite. Here the difference was only 1% in favor of Windows 10, Word, Excel and PowerPoint 8%, in the game Grand Theft Auto recorded equality.

In Adobe Creative Suite an advantage of the new system is equal to 17%, in the test for battery life running PCMark 8 – 7%, but in games Windows 8.1 won by a margin of 13%. But when watching videos on Windows 10 laptop for a longer time by 25%.

The result – a win of Windows 10, although a significant portion of users will not notice such a minimal difference. Next time the experts are going to spend more emphasis on actual usage scenario comparison of these operating systems by installing in each of more than 150 applications.

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