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Windows 10 is four times more popular than macOS

According to official data published by Apple and Microsoft, audience operating system Windows 10 is four times higher than that in macOS. In September last year, the company from Redmond announced that 400 million devices with Windows 10. According to statistics Apple, currently around the world there are 100 million users on macOS.

Despite the difference in audience size, the profit units of the Mac approaching $25 billion According to analysts, one is the unit that Apple could enter the top-100 largest companies according to Fortune. Control over hardware and software allows Apple to get more profit than only selling.

The company revealed the structure of the sales of Mac computers. According to Apple, laptops is 80% in the supply of technology companies, whereas the share of desktop computers – Mac Pro, iMac and Mac mini – have only 20%. The manufacturer plans to introduce new models of Mac Pro and iMac, especially for professional users, although the percentage of these users relative to the entire Mac audience is quite small. The company confirmed its intention actively to develop these lines.

The latest innovation of Apple is “reinterpreted” MacBook Pro panel is Touch Bar. Despite mixed reviews from critics, sales of the device in comparison with the previous year increased by 20%.

In recent reports it was reported that the unit Mac suffers due to the neglect on the part of the company’s management, the departure of key personnel and technical problems. The impression that Apple simply forgot about this direction of its activities. However, the company insists that it will make every effort to create the best computers on the market.

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