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Windows 10 ahead of the popularity of Windows 8 and Vista, but still lags behind OS X

The beginning of the month is traditionally the period when it is possible to analyze the performance of the operating system market from StatCounter. These analysts suggest that the spread of Windows 10 is pretty brisk pace, although Microsoft certainly has not abandoned even higher share of the new operating system.

Published July 29, platform captured 5,21% global market share, ahead of Windows Vista and Windows 8. At the same time, free distribution model did not allow Windows 10 to surpass OS X. According to StatCounter’s new “wind” still lags behind the Apple operating system, which now accounts 8,17%.

The update, which Microsoft first distributes “so” (for users of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1), four weeks set on 75 million devices. For comparison, Windows 8 took six months to reach the strap 100 million licenses sold. “Within 2-3 years”, according to the forecast of the developer OS, Windows 10 should work about a billion devices, including personal computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops and game consoles.

According to Net Applications, the share of Windows 8 has decreased on 0,21% — to 2.56%, and Windows 8.1 — 1.71% (14,41%). The Vista position slightly, but fell on 0,02% — to 1.82%. The most popular “OSes” in the world now is Windows 7, its share is 53%.

Analysts predict that in the coming months, the share of Windows 10 will grow at a more modest pace.

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