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Windows 10 ahead of the popularity of Windows 8, and Vista, but still lags behind OS X

Microsoft has set a goal to distribute the Windows operating system 10 at least a billion devices in the next 2-3 years, but, judging by recent statistics, such plans may not be destined to become a reality. The company makes only the first steps in this direction. They are as free upgrade to new OS Windows 7 and 8.1 and the gradual withdrawal from circulation of old systems, such as Windows XP and Vista.

Recent statistics by StatCounter shows that Windows 10 is only in fifth place with a share of 6,93%. This allows published July 29, platform to circumvent the total Windows 8 and Windows Vista that are installed by 3,29% and 1,87% of the computers respectively, but the platform still lags behind OS X, which share is 8,44%.

In Russia Windows 10 ahead of the popularity of OS X in August of this year. Data were obtained in the study LiveInternet hardware Russian Internet users. According to statistics for August 5, to Windows 10 was 789 000 machines, at the time, as for Apple – 724 000.

It is believed that the popularity of Windows 10 goes simultaneously with the decrease in the share of Windows 7, but StatCounter gives her 52,57% of the market, so that the positions of leader for a long time not in danger. On the second and third places with indicators 13,54% 9,48% located Windows 8.1 and Windows XP. The latter, despite the lack of support for the past year and a half, tenth installed on each computer.

Also counted in StatCounter statistics of web browsers on desktop PCs. There even more the obvious leader than Windows 7 in operating systems is Google Chrome with a share 56,53%. Almost equally popular are Firefox and Internet Explorer with the values of 17,33% and 17.1%. Followed by Safari and Opera with a stake of 4.27% and 1.84%.

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