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Wilson X Connected Basketball: smart basketball that can count two-point and three-point shots

The Wilson company, specializing in sports accessory, introduced the “smart” basketball ball Wilson X Connected Basketball. Advanced sports equipment knows when a player got into the ring, and when missed, and able to carry the account.

Built-in sensor is equipped with an accelerometer and a Bluetooth module for transmitting the collected data to a smartphone. The sensor accurately records all perfect shots, counting the number of hits and misses, and the app allows you to track workout statistics, observing how the results change over time.

The application clearly separates the two-point and three-point contact, and throws from the foul line. At the moment it’s only available for iPhone, Android version will be in November this year.

The mechanism is mounted inside X Connected Basketball, runs on batteries, has a capacity of 100 000 shots that corresponds to approximately two years of active use. What to do next is to charge to change the battery or buy a new ball – Wilson does not specify.

The app says throws in real time, and also plays a number of additional effects, such as return timer, the roaring crowd and so on. Users have access to four modes of training, including a Buzzer Beater that should allow cold to hit the ring opponent in the last seconds of the match.

Smart ball Wilson is available on the manufacturer’s website at a price of 199 USD.

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