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Will you buy the iPhone 7, if by design it will be similar to the iPhone 6s [poll]

According to the latest rumors, the design and form factor the iPhone 7 will be in-a lot like iPhone 6/6s. This does not correspond to the established traditions of Apple, which changes the appearance of their smartphones every two years. We wondered, do many people go to buy a new iPhone 7, if he recalled the design of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s?

It is expected that the new generation flagship smartphone from Apple will get advanced “stuffing”, thinner body and will lose the 3.5 mm headphone Jack. Not so long ago appeared on the network image case cover for iPhone 7 indirectly confirm these assumptions. The device also predicting similar with iPhone 6 appearance, no protruding camera, stereo speakers and a Lightning connector on the new slim. The main feature that users want to see in the new smartphone is water resistant, but recent publications in the media deny its appearance in the iPhone 7.

Another “trick” that can motivate people to buy iPhone 7 — camera system with two lenses. It is designed to increase the quality of the recording and permit the use of optical zoom, as well as the function of “picture in picture” and a number of other effects.

The decision to leave the design without major changes for the third year in a row is extremely risky. The audience may not understand this step and to pay attention to device competitors, even if the new iPhone with the same design will be crammed with technical innovation.

Very soon, Apple needs to show the iPhone SE, which will be similar to the iPhone 5/5s. If this rumor is confirmed, all three phones 2016 – 5se iPhone, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus will be released in the old design. Against the background of predictions about the decline of sales of the iPhone, it can play a fatal role.

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However, while this information is classified as rumors. It’s possible that Apple is preparing a radical renewal for smartphones, including at the level of form factor.

Are you ready to buy iPhone 7 if outwardly it will be similar to the previous generation? How out of date the design of the current iPhone 6s?

Will you buy iPhone 7 if it will retain the design of the iPhone 6s?

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