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Will the intelligence agencies to hack into your iPhone?

In the past two weeks people around the world are closely watching the development of the scandal connected with refusal of Apple to follow the order of the judge to assist the FBI in hacking the iPhone, which belonged to the terrorist Sayeed Faruq. In Cupertino believe that this precedent is very dangerous, because if backdoor in iOS is created, it can be used not only to gain access to the specific apparatus shown in the case, but in the other cases.

The FBI wants to require Apple to create software called GovtOS. It will not replace the original operating system on the iPhone, and will run in RAM and serve to disable erase all data on the device after 10 attempts to enter the wrong password. But this is relevant only for those gadgets that are enabled for automatic deletion of content.

To make sure that your iPhone is protected from hacking, go to the iOS settings, menu “Touch ID & passcode”. This should enable the lock and put the switch next to “clear data” in the “on” position. In this case, all the data on your iPhone will be erased after 10 failed password attempts.

By default, the function of deleting data on iOS is disabled. Saeed Farooq himself switched the item, to intelligence agencies are unable to get to his iPhone. However even if you disable the feature, the smartphone will not allow you to cycle through passwords on a while it will disable the access, and then again to display the password entry window. The data will remain on the device.

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And you have enabled delete data after 10 failed attempts?

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