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Will look like the biggest innovation in iPhone 8

A well-known blogger Benjamin Gaskin posted on his Twitter page a few new images related to iPhone 8. He also spoke about the front camera of the smartphone support system of face recognition – the most important innovations of the anniversary of the flagship Apple.

New leak confirms the rumors about the unique facial recognition system in the iPhone 8, which will be used to unlock the device and confirm payments. In the beginning of the year, we recall, Apple acquired Israeli company Realface that specializiruetsya on software for face recognition.

According to the source, the iPhone 8 will be able to identify users by iris, however, the front camera will be quite technical. She will be able to recognize users on a three-dimensional facial image.

On the image of the front panel of the smartphone you can see three round holes that are not on the iPhone 7. They are designed for optional camera modules that will be needed to implement the new technology.

Apple will be able to apply the system not only to identify users. Innovative front camera iPhone 8 will also allow you to shoot 3D photos and will receive a special portrait mode for selfies.

In 2015, Apple bought the company Faceshift, which works on motion capture technology in real time. Its development is used in the creation of the film “Star wars: the force Awakening”. Demo lower demonstrates the capabilities of technology Faceshift.

Are images of the iPhone 8 is also consistent with other leaks. The two recesses in the upper part of display panel will be used to display status icons, such as signal strength, Wi-Fi, battery, etc. Due to the deep black color in OLED panels, they will be darkened and invisible during games or watching movies.

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Also Gaskin confirmed that the fingerprints of the iPhone 8 will be recognized in any part of the screen.

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