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Will appear in iTunes movies in 4K?

On the MacRumors forum found indirect confirmation of Apple’s plans to add 4K content to a virtual store.

Buying iTunes fiction romance “Passengers,” a user from the UK has discovered that in check, the film is described as “4K, HDR”. At the same time to load the video only in HD quality.

Unusual description, but if you hire another painting, I noticed in California:

Although at the last developers conference, the speakers barely touched on the future of the platform tvOS, probably the debut of the Apple TV 5th generation with support for 4K and HDR will be held before the end of the year.

The company does not translates the first online cinema to the new format in Google Play 4K video appeared in December 2016. In the collection of Netflix movies, TV series and TV shows available in UHD, more than one hundred and twenty.

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