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WikiLeaks will share with the Apple of the hacker tools of U.S. intelligence

WikiLeaks is ready to transfer hacking tools, developed by the CIA, Apple and other major us corporations. This was stated by the founder and chief editor of the project, Julian Assange. According to him, companies will provide access to “exclusive”.

In addition to the software, Apple will receive technical information and other documents cyberarena U.S. intelligence, enabling them as soon as possible to create and release patches “to keep people safe.” In Cupertino have not yet replied if they are willing to take the help of WikiLeaks.

As noted by “News”, WikiLeaks has “far more information” about the tools of the CIA, promising to publish a new batch of files in a short time. He also criticized the Department for “grossly incompetent” because it could not prevent the leaking of confidential material.

This week WikiLeaks posted in the free access to information on the loopholes that were used by US intelligence agencies to gain access to the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones as well as computers on Windows and “smart” Samsung TVs. In the files of the CIA were not included the full version of hacker programs to provide IT companies time to assess vulnerabilities and develop patches.

At the time of publication of the archive of the Apple said that most of the vulnerabilities have already been corrected in the latest versions of iOS. “Our initial analysis shows that most of those vulnerabilities, which became known today, were already fixed in the latest version of iOS, we will continue to promptly correct any detected vulnerabilities”, — said the iPhone maker.

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The CIA declined to comment on the authenticity of the leak, however, Edward Snowden and other experts recognized the genuine technique of hacking used by the intelligence service of the United States in 2013-2016.

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