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WikiLeaks: CIA hacked the iPhone and iPad to spy on their owners

WikiLeaks has published the first part of a package of documents belonging to CIA. According to the newspaper, the Central intelligence Agency of USA has developed a malicious application that allow to monitor the people using their smartphones, including the iPhone.

As reported TASS, the publication designated as the Vault project 7, is the largest leak of confidential securities of U.S. intelligence. As noted in the report, their methods allow to obtain information about the location of the user and his correspondence but also remotely activate the microphone and camera device.

The first part of the publication titled Year Zero includes more than 8,700 documents and files stored in the isolated internal network of the Center for cierraspice based in the headquarters of the CIA in Langley.

According to WikiLeaks released documents show the scope and content of a secret “hack” of the CIA program. In particular, one of the documents represents the user for cyber criminals heading to Frankfurt-on-main, where the American Consulate is doing the “hacking” of the center of the CIA. On the question of the purpose of stay in the Consulate hackers had to answer that they are involved in technical advice. While they were issued diplomatic passports and provided cover from the state Department.

The division of the intelligence Department, responsible for mobile devices, developed different methods “for hacking and remote control popular smartphones”. Infected phones could be given the command to send to the CIA data about a user’s location also gives access to conversations, text of correspondence.

The documents we are talking about the Arsenal of malware and dozens of cases of their application in such products, such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone and even Samsung TVs. WikiLeaks noted that although Apple is not the most common in the world, it is very popular among “public figures, political, diplomatic and business elite.”

Malware the CIA remain unprotected against other hackers, which contributes to their dissemination on a global scale.

The founder of cybersecurity Rendition Infosec Jake Williams stated that, in his opinion, the documents published by WikiLeaks are authentic.

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