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WiFox: map-passwords for Wi-Fi in airports worldwide for iOS and Android

Blogger Anil Polat has decided to simplify the life of travelers, who have to while away the time waiting for departure at the airport, and has created an interactive map with information about the passwords to Wi-Fi at major airports around the world.

On its website Polat told about the app WiFox, which is linked to Google Maps. By selecting a particular air port, the user receives detailed information about passwords (which are regularly updated), as well as other instructions, including which network is best to connect to and where the best signal.

The map, which is now regularly updates not only the blogger but also other users, includes passwords to Wi-Fi in dozens of airports around the world. Clicking on an object on the map, users receive specific instructions on where to sit to get the best Internet connection and the user for a password.

In his blog, the author talks about his travels, shares with followers lifehacks and useful tips. His goal is to visit all countries of the world, and 80 he has already visited. He has no permanent address, every few months he moved into a new place, and all of his belongings fit in one backpack. Anil asked his subscribers to send him information about the new networks and passwords, to quickly update the map WiFox.

WiFox app is available on iOS and Android. Since the release of the program, the developer received dozens of tweets with gratitude.

WiFox download for iPhone and iPad in the App Store
WiFox download for Android in Google Play

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