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WiFi Passwords List: an app that will show you all stored passwords from Wi-Fi on iPhone and iPad [Cydia]

Moving through the city – to work, home, in a café – we are connecting to different Wi-Fi networks. Some of them are open, others are password protected. When you first connect to a closed network you need to enter a password, and the mobile device will retain it. However, the code combination symbols does not show.

Specially to this event was to create the tool WiFi Passwords List. She displays to the user all stored on your iPhone and iPad network passwords. Such information is useful in the following case: for example, you have forgotten the password, and you need to connect to Wi-Fi. Just run NetworkList and it will show the secret combination of characters.

After you install this tweak on your home screen will show the icon of WiFi Passwords List. To find out stored on your device passwords, open the app. In the window you will see a list of all wireless networks to which you connected your device. Select the desired item from the list and the program will show the desired password.

WiFi Passwords List is implemented as a separate iOS app. The interface of the tool is simple and serves only one purpose – to find out the password from access points. In addition, the utility may show the date of the last connection to the network, as well as some technical information: the channel number, the level and quality of signal, encryption type, etc. the Only wish, of course, to add password protection to the data stored in the security.

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If the development seemed interesting to you, you can download it for free from the BigBoss repo. Of course, your iPhone or iPad must be previously subjected to the procedure of jailbreak.

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