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Widow of Steve jobs tried to stop the shooting of the film about the Apple founder

The widow of the Apple founder and his close friends stated that the new film “Steve jobs” Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin downplays the achievements of the inventor and shows his cruel and inhuman. According to The Wall Street Journal.

According to the newspaper, Lauren Powell repeatedly tried to stop the shooting of the film. The film-makers invited her to participate in the work on the painting, but she turned down the offer.

“She refused to discuss her concerns in the scenario of Aaron, despite my numerous requests to talk about this,” said the film’s producer Scott Rudin. According to him, Powell kept saying that she didn’t like the book that formed the basis for the film. The widow of Steve jobs did not comment on the situation.

“A whole generation will have about it a different opinion, if you see a film in which he is depicted on the negative side,” said a close friend of jobs ‘ and a member of the Board of Apple Directors bill Campbell. In this case, as noted, the Campbell picture was not looking.

The premiere of the film “Steve jobs” in Russia will take place on 1 January 2016. Earlier in an interview with Re/code Andy Herzfeld famous development of the first operating system for the Macintosh, said that the film is very far from reality. “He’s completely untrue – almost anything shown in the film, in reality was not – but, ultimately, it’s not very important,” he said.

Private screening of the tape was held in September at Tellurideco film festival in Colorado. Critics called it one of the main contenders for the award “Oscar”. According to the forecasts of Sony’s “Steve jobs” has to collect rental of at least $100 million that the film does not become unprofitable.

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The Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak received a $200,000 that he advised the creators of the film. According to him, he realizes that not all of the events from the life of Steve jobs were transferred accurately, but believed that the filmmakers “did a great job”. “I watched the draft and felt that you see are not actors, but real people including jobs,” commented Wozniak.

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