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Widow of Steve jobs built the house he dreamed of the founder of Apple

Steve jobs was such a perfectionist that for years could not find the right furniture, so he lived in a half-empty house. Five years after his death the widow Lauren Powell jobs decided to honor the memory of deceased husband, to realize his dream of a perfect family home.

The land in the area of Woodside with total area 36 500 sq. m. jobs had another eye in the distant 1984. For many years he tried to get consent from the administration on the construction of his house. Unfortunately, he failed to implement his plan – the founder of Apple died from pancreatic cancer in October 2011.

But Lauren Powell jobs has continued to negotiate with the city authorities and, finally, she managed to obtain approval for the construction of a Grand Villa. Perfect family home, in the submission of jobs, is a house with an area of 6 000 sqm, furnished in minimalist style. The house is a sauna, gym, room for yoga, Jacuzzi, a huge swimming pool. On-site are a pond, a barbecue area, two guest houses “Orchard House” and “Vineyard House”, as well as several technical rooms.

But this desire Steve didn’t stop there. According to his idea, on the adjacent territory will spread grape farm, corral and olive garden. Legendary entrepreneur loved this olive oil, and nothing prevented him to produce it yourself.

The design of the house dreams of Steve jobs based on the design principles of Joseph Aklera. The intent of the founder of Apple, the house will be huge sliding glass doors to open and close that by pressing the button, and when construction will be used exclusively natural materials.

The project cost is not disclosed, however it is known that the construction of the house is 596 days. Steve jobs loved the accuracy limits.

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