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Why your next computer should be a desktop and not a laptop

The rapidly declining laptops, tablets and phablets recently reduce the market share of the desktop PC. However, the development of cloud technologies and the decline in the cost of the monitors with large diagonals and super fine resolution can return the PC to its former popularity. In this case, according to this, I am sure the expert technological WSJ’s Geoffrey Fowler, who believes that computers with large monitors are still in many cases be much more relevant laptops.

The development of broadband wireless communication and cloud services are clearly separated tasks of everyday communication, such as email, social media, view documents, search for information and news, directly from the workflow. In the second case, the modern man is often forced to spend much time at any particular task, and its smartphone and tablet mobility for him is not essential. Therefore, a technology expert believes that soon the desktop will return EN masse in our homes and offices.

The main factor in this case is the screen size. For long and hard work are very important workplace ergonomics, and a large monitor with high resolution in this case provides a level of comfort.

If earlier $2000 would have to pay only one widescreen display, today for that amount you can buy, for example, a 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina, where even you can not distinguish individual pixels. Modern laptops certainly can’t boast the same image quality.

Desktop PCs are significantly more efficient from the point of view of performance. So, the new Dell XPS 8900 will be equipped with much more powerful than the laptop, Intel Core i7 6700K, which in the future may be replaced by newer versions.

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For workstation ergonomics is also important the correct location of the screen at a 90 degree angle to the line of sight and comfortable keyboard and mouse, providing the correct location on the table. You must have peripheral devices such as card readers, and a large number of easily accessible USB ports. All of these options are present only in a desktop PC.

Even if you have a laptop it is important for the user, Fowler advises to think about the dock with a full screen, keyboard and mouse, as it greatly increases comfort and productivity. As another argument: desktops become prettier and more compact, and some of them can even be customized to the style of the interior and furniture.

Another area of application for desktop PCs are slowly becoming a niche family multimedia centers. Mac mini and HP Pavilion Mini have enough power to run all modern problems and can be easily connected to the TV with wide screen, thus taking up less space than a set-top box.

These computers can be shared by all members of the family and become a good entry level computer for children. With the development of voice assistants such PC can take its place, for example, in the kitchen, where the hands are often busy with household chores and to use the tablet or smartphone is inconvenient.

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