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Why you should not order a new iPhone from China [video]

Some users prefer to buy Apple products anywhere in China due to lower prices. The problem is that in the local retail cost of the iPhone and other products of “Apple” company is no different from the Russian prices. Therefore, in search of savings, buyers go on a popular Internet site and order the device there. Why do small traders, the price of Apple equipment can be significantly lower than the official Resellers? They are unlikely to work to its detriment.

The answer lies in a video posted on Chinese online Youku. The video shows how the girl Repack refurbished iPhone 5s, removes fingerprints and dust from the body, paste supposedly the factory film on the phone, and then uses the device for vacuum packaging.

Of course, box and accessories are not original, although they can be of good quality. In addition to the headphone and Lightning cable girl applies the warranty card. To stick on the box information about the technical characteristics of the iPhone, as Apple does, is not difficult, as your IMEI. Please note that the IMEI should match the box on the back cover of the iPhone and its IOS.

Today cheating with iPhone are not uncommon, and it concerns not only China. You can find thousands of ads on Avito about the sale of such “handicraft” restored iPhone or selling prepaid”. In the latter case, you will not see any smartphone or their money.

How to protect yourself from such risks when buying Apple products? Of course, buy only in the official stores. On Chinese websites like Aliexpress you can also advantageous to buy quite a working iPhone, however, you should always look at the cost – if it is significantly below market, look for the catch.

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