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Why you can’t compare the Apple Watch and Swiss watches

To assess the impact of Apple Watch on the market of Swiss watches was trying many analysts. But how “smart” Apple watch was created to compete with the models of classic brands? The company was placed on the wrist much more information than we used to see in the case of an ordinary clock, but it does not give reason to believe that Apple Watch will need to replace them.

Recall the model of any Swiss brand: from Rolex to the lesser-known Rayville-Blancpain. Even the most accurate certified chronometer will have an average daily deviation of +2/-2 seconds per day. Cheap quartz watches— +10/-10 seconds per month, is more complicated technically— +10/-10 seconds in a year. Very small part owners of classic watches cares about the absolute accuracy of the time on their wrist.

Moreover, even the materials of certain traditional wrist watch, valued as high as handmade at their production. Watch is not jewelry, and the engineering marvel of the highest level. This is why lovers of Swiss brands have little interest in the Apple Watch.

The confusion in this thread have brought myself Apple calling its wearable computer “clock”. This definition is partly true, but marketers chose it for convenience only.

We still use the old classical terms, using modern gadgets. iPhone is associated with your phone, Apple TV — with a TV, and Apple Watch — with the watch. If a company called their product simply “the computer for the wrist”, he would find much less buyers.

Is there something common with Apple Watch and traditional watches? Of course. Two things: demonstration of the time and place at which they are worn. For the rest, these are two completely different devices cannot be directly compared to each other. And if the Swiss watch market is in decline, then Apple Watch is clearly nothing to do with it.

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