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Why would Apple release a new 4-inch iPhone in 2017?

On Wednesday on the website SlashLeaks has pictures of the back of the iPhone successor to the SE. According to the leak the new smartphone in addition to a compact 4-inch display will use a glass case. The use of glass in the phone can attest to the fact that the iPhone SE sample 2017 will support wireless charging.

A year later the company returns to the compact format phones. The smartphone market is changing as saturation, sales of new devices is slowing down. Using the successor to mini-flagship Apple intends to remedy the situation.

Every year Apple introduces a new iPhone, and every year she calls him the best in history. New processor, graphics, improved camera and software do their job. But in recent years, the pace at which new features are added and capabilities are reduced. The cupertinos in any case can successfully find new ways to make smartphones more attractive to buyers, but compared to earlier models innovations in the latest flagships not as revolutionary.

A special version

iPhone SE came out last spring. The form factor of this model, perhaps one of the biggest advantages. Four-inch display is loved by many. This smartphone fits in the pocket of tight jeans, don’t take up much space in a purse and fits better in small hands.

Apple made the size of the device is equal to iPhone 5/5s so that appropriate covers are. Great news for those who take the product as replace “five”. The lack of “hump” from the camera on the back is pleasing to those who are disgusted by their presence in top models. To pay for it should be a little thicker than is required to accommodate all the iron filling, the body.

iPhone SE the second generation will be equipped with all the technology of the latest iPhone, but will be updated in case of glass. The device is expected to get the support of 3D Touch gestures, and will get the chips fall flagship, the iPhone 7.

The current iPhone SE is devoid of many features of the older models. But the audience for which Apple released this model, it doesn’t matter. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, why gadgets must adapt to it. Many people want to have a compact and productive the iPhone, which is convenient to use with one hand, especially if we are talking about the operations interface “on the fly”.

Apple considers customers ‘ wishes. The model number iPad three form factors with different screen sizes: from 7.9 to 12.9 inches. And the same principle the company adheres to in its smartphones, offering models with a diagonal from 4 to 5.5 inches.

iPhone SE without flaws

A 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera in the current iPhone SE as in the iPhone 5s is one of the key disadvantages of the model, because the main sort of camera in it is modern. But the reason it happened, prosaic — the whole front panel of the device, including the camera, just taken from the iPhone 5s, to the extent that the repair they are interchangeable. Because the camera was old.

And from this follows the second key disadvantage is the screen and its characteristics are identical to the display of the iPhone 5s, invented in 2013. The same resolution (1136 x 640 pixels), the same matrix (IPS), the same level of contrast (800:1).

Touch ID the first generation will do “razlozhenie” the device is not as fast as used for the iPhone 7. IPhone SE also no 3D Touch – functions, which debuted in the iPhone 6s. No for the same reason as in the case of contrast — screen technology here from the iPhone 5s.

All of these drawbacks, Apple intends to eliminate in the new 4-inch iPhone sample 2017.

Ecosystem iPhone

New 4-inch iPhone are really important for Apple. In the company clearly understands that smartphones one size does not fit everyone. Let the iPhone sales SE did not blow up the market, but they just allow you to feel more confident the whole lineup as a whole, including future models. Updated high-end model will contribute to the formation of a complete ecosystem of iPhone.

In retrospect, we can recall that similar has happened with Mac. After the release of the original Macintosh in 1984, the company has continued to develop this concept. She released the all-new form factors, while one product from the computer is not turned into a single ecosystem.

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