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Why we’ll never see a “killer” iPhone

Lately Apple has been criticized by analysts and ordinary users, requiring from the company a revolution in the lull in the market. Other companies rarely face criticism of this kind. Apple will have to outdo the iPhone. But why do we never hear that Facebook should create a “killer” social networking, as Google is a revolutionary search service?

This year’s iPhone celebrates its 10 year anniversary, so many believe that Apple needs to release a new revolutionary product that will surpass the smartphone in all respects.

Davey Alba of Wired wrote that the iPhone actually slows the development of Apple and the company needs to think what will happen next.

“Apple has again a turning point and again because of the iPhone, but in a bad way. The smartphone market is oversaturated. Competitors, especially Google, release devices that can compete with the iPhone. 10 years later, the iPhone may not be a point of growth for Apple. Now the company faces the same problem as 10 years ago – to figure out what to do next.”

It’s fair to say that Apple succeeded in making money, promoting their services to existing iPhone owners. Be it App Store, Apple Music, or any other, cupertinos found a way to increase profits irrespective of sales of the smartphone.

However, Forbes in the early years also wrote that Apple should release the iPhone killer.

“That means it’s time to kill the iPhone… not in one fell swoop and certainly not as an end in itself… regardless of how innovative is your product or service to release minimal upgrades to increase quarterly profit means to lose ground. As soon as your differential curve changes flatten your development zametalsya.

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For Apple it’s time to create a killer iPhone”.

The only problem is it’s impossible. The original iPhone was a revolutionary device, which quickly turned the smartphone into an indispensable thing for every modern person.

Now the capabilities of smartphones are limited only by the imagination of software developers. Smartphones in General and iPhone in particular, not much recently, because approach the ideal form factor. The capabilities of smartphones expand only with the development of hardware and the emergence of a new. According to recent reports, the iPhone 8 will be endowed with the function of augmented reality, which can extend the capabilities of mobile devices.

Some products are so ingrained in our daily lives that the idea of their disappearance is absurd, at least at this stage of technology development. Please note that we do not hear calls to produce a “killer” TV or below, Google has created a “killer” search engines. Truly revolutionary products and technologies have a long shelf life. The exception was except that iPod that just “died” after the iPhone, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Will the killer at the TV?

Simply put, the iPhone is here to stay, regardless of what Apple will create.

Interestingly, some experts believe that a more advanced version of a smart watch Apple Watch may soon replace the iPhone. But for some reason overlooked the fact that a large and convenient display of the smartphone can never be replaced by even the most intuitive software on the watch or augmented reality glasses.
The point is that the murderer of the iPhone will not be, except that the more modern model of iPhone, which will make the previous obsolete.

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Apple each year to produce radically new products. Over the past 9 years, the company gradually improved everything from hardware fundamentals to shooting quality smartphone. And with the advent of iPhone 8 leap in performance and design may be the most significant.

At the beginning of the year, Apple published its quarterly report, announcing that iPhone sales set a new record. However, for unknown reasons, some “experts” want to convince us that Apple is in distress and she needs to release a killer iPhone.

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