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Why Tim cook is getting rid of Apple shares?

In mid-January, the securities Apple rose to the highest level since 2015. CEO Tim cook probably decided to seize the moment to sell 30,000 shares of the Corporation headed by it. Considering the average market price of the shares 120 000, he got about $3.6 million (about 215 million).

Last week Tim cook sold the same amount of stock, thus for some days he received from the sale of Apple stock of about $7.2 million (430 million). It would seem that the property on the property that you command her as you please. However, the journalists Life considered it a bad omen: a sign of protracted crisis within Apple and even signal the beginning of the decline of the “Apple” of the Empire.


Options why Apple suddenly decided to go to the cache just a few. The most simple and banal: the cookie is not enough money for life. Funny? But it just seems that the person who earns the abstract “many” always more money, than someone who earns a relatively “small”. In fact, they are equally lacking, just different. And the fact that Apple CEO Tim cook cut salary due to the mismatch between the company’s financial performance goals, may be the cause. In the end, $1.5 million, i.e. about 15% of salary in 2015, which is lost cook in 2016 (8,75 vs of 10.28), it’s pretty much. And desire to get the missing can be easily explained some current life.

But as you know, generals do not run, because in time of peace is ridiculous, and in the military — scary.

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Tim cook — head of the company, in which case, judging by the pay cut to go a bit not as brilliant as we would like the shareholders. Tim cook — a man who thanks his post and role in the company knows about her and her business. He knows all about the insides, which can be inside the Apple.

Such people usually do not sell a share in the company, which is run by. They only buy. First, because it is a good investment, and secondly, because it is beneficial to the market. Because who does not like the head of the company to know how everything inside. And if he buys, then all is well and we can also reasonably argue the players on the market.

In the end, the growing stock of the company will not sell, because that’s just silly. Yes, you need money. But selling shares of a growing company, you don’t get the money, you primitive burn in the oven, solving the immediate problem. It’s like the owners of the apartment in the center of Moscow, sold it in 1999 for one hundred thousand dollars, now bite your elbows, because today it is worth half a million. They got a hundred, but lost four. But they can comfort themselves that they never knew of such growth in the future or they had no other choice.

Top managers Apple sell shares of the company. So it was in 2014, 2015 and now 2017. Each time it occurred at the peak of their value, and then began to fall. And here’s the question: after is after or because?

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Tim cook knows everything. And that a man of his level could not somewhere pertinate ten percent of annual salary and decided to start a Golden hammer in nails a microscope, it is almost impossible to believe.

So, maybe cook knows something that we don’t know?

But what we don’t know?

We know that iPhone is the main product for Apple and cook personally and under his development cleared everything else. We know that the iPhone 7 is not as good as we would like.

Finally, we know that the market for the last decade waiting for Apple to repeat the magic on 9 January 2007 and will again show us a miracle. And this expectation of a miracle is, in fact, the main component of the capitalization of Apple. Market and product buyers still believe in the company, in spite of one good the last ten years. And they were many.

We believe.

And Tim cook, it turns out, is no more?

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