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Why thousands of Instagram users measure your knees with your iPhone

In Instagram there is a new trend: social network users post photos, putting iPhone to your feet. Thus, they compare the diameter of the kneecaps with a length of “Apple” gadget.

According to Lifenews, in China is gaining momentum a new Internet relay and be part of it in which is committed every self-respecting lady Instagram. To support the trend, two conditions are necessary — courage and an iPhone 6, but the essence of the competition is to see whose knees more slender.

In the East it is believed that the brittle kneecap is not only a sign of slender legs, but also the benchmark for any girl who watches her weight, so Chinese ladies have calculated your “formula” for the dimensions. In accordance with her sharp little knees must be completely covered by the iPhone 6, if you place the gadget horizontally over them.

The length of the “Apple” of the device this model is only 5.4 inches, and it pushes users Instagram use a variety of tricks. In particular, many girls compare the girth of his knees with the length of the iPhone 6 Plus, cheating its subscribers, and some fit the stringent parameters across his knees iPad.

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