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Why the Thunderbolt Display can’t charge MacBook and MacBook Pro

One of the readers of Macworld online has addressed in edition with a question about Thunderbolt Display and the new MacBook Pro. Steve Dvorak asked why a MacBook Pro last generation cannot be charged by a 27-inch Apple display.

“There are adapters with Thunderbolt 3 to 2 for video and accessories, but I can’t charge MacBook from the Thunderbolt Display. Apparently, there are no adapters that can transfer the energy from 1/2 MagSafe to USB-C Or have I missed something?”.

Unfortunately, it is. USB ports-C installed on MacBook 2015, can transfer energy in two directions and allow you to charge a laptop from an external battery.

The Thunderbolt Display is equipped with a connector for charging MagSafe, which allows you to charge laptops, while the company got rid of it in favor of USB. Apple could release an adapter MagSafe to USB-C, but, most likely, such a device will not be in demand.

Third-party manufacturers are unable to produce the adapter as it would violate the patents on MagSafe. They will have to get certified company, therefore, the output of such an adapter is unlikely.

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