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Why the straps for the Apple Watch will need to choose in the store and not online

In March, along with SE iPhone and 9.7 inch iPad Pro, Apple introduced a number of new straps for the Apple Watch. This, of course, a trifle, and anything technological in the news, but for owners of smart watches (and there are a few million) it is still very noticeable event. And for those who are just thinking about purchasing a wearable computer. Fortunately, Apple still lowered prices on the Apple Watch Sport version, so the cheapest Apple watches have become even cheaper. Browsers Ixbt learned new colors to the bracelets and shared their impressions.

“Lived — write a review of strap!” — skeptics are already writing in the comments. And realists meanwhile, remember, there are many branded watch straps for the Apple Watch (from 4290 and to 39 290 rubles), and agree that that’s worth talking about and treat the issue of choice more closely.

The main novelty in the updated range is a strap is made of braided nylon. Its trump card — price: 4290 roubles. Earlier this money could be bought only silicone strap (prices the rest of the straps started from 12290 roubles). Now there is an alternative. Moreover, it is interesting not only that it’s brand new material, before used in the watch bands for the Apple Watch, but the fact that all straps are two-tone (again, all other “Apple” straps — plain).

The material is thick, quite flexible, and very practical. At least, in principle, cannot remain any visible trace of sweat, excluded scrapes and scratches. However, between the nylon fibers may become clogged with dirt and accumulate there. However, the manufacturer picked these colors to extraneous inclusions were not visible. There are orange, pink, blue-lilac, Navy blue, dark grey (type space grey), light grey (manufacturer calls it “pearl”) and beige-greenish.

Beige-greenish and blue-lilac — a very strange color. They do not understand. You look from one side — and it seems that the strap has a pink tint (it’s about blue-lilac). And like jeans and under must be suitable. But pinkish ebb embarrassing. Beige-greenish there is nothing to combine. Dark grey and light grey — more clear and universal. From afar they resemble a Milanese mesh bracelet in matching color. Here, too, the mesh (of interwoven fibers). But the light grey version without nobility silver Milanese bracelet, and he has some bezhevato shade.

The picture (which is on the Apple website that the bag strap) do not convey this connotation. The moral: if possible, try before you buy to see the band live, or better yet, hold it in your hands. Although this light grey option many perceived positively.

Surprisingly pleasant impression nylon straps sea green, orange and pink color. Clearly, this is a rather female, but their plus is that the color here is not flashy, not linear, like silicone straps. So if you need to watch harmoniously blended in look and not delayed attention, it’s really not bad.

As to the sensations from the material, then this is not for everybody. Many are supporters of natural materials (metal, leather), although silicone straps Apple is very nice, and the new nylon is also decently done. But someone may prefer and nylon. We can say that the rejection of this nylon does not.

In addition to the nylon straps new colours for almost all of the other options. The Milanese mesh bracelet is now available in a dark grey. For some reason I thought he was very subtle and even more elegant than the silver version, but apparently, it’s an illusion because of the color.

Stunning yellow color — new slim strap of smooth leather “Granada”. This is a purely female option, and he is only a 38 mm version of the watch, but the color is really very beautiful. Must be combined with a bright yellow clutch, belt or purse.

Interesting white (or even pearl) color leather bracelet with magnets inside. I earlier wrote about the black version, now bright. And plus the fact that the pattern of the skin (these are rough prozhilochki and grooves) on it is more visible than in the dark versions. My only fear will be contaminated and will sooner or later lose its original color.

And finally, we have significantly expanded the range of leather belts with classic buckle. For example, there were several interesting shades of blue: dark blue, “Arctic blue” and “ocean blue”. And, again, neither the site nor the photo on the packaging is not give a real idea about the shade. For example, “ocean blue” is darker than depicted on the website, and brighter than on the packaging.

Actually it’s just a moderate blue color, pretty nice (maybe with a barely noticeable tinge of color of a sea wave). Although, to be honest, with a blue suit it is unlikely to wear. Because of the shade.

But what is interesting: leather strap with classic buckle differ not only in color, but some nuances and even the texture of the skin (although stated that all of them used opalkova skin). For example, all the new variants feature double stitching with thread the same color as the strap. And the previously released black version of stitching no. And it cheapens it. However, the best, in my opinion, it is still beige (“Golden brown”), who also appeared before the spring update. And not only because of the color, which is the most natural and goes perfectly with any variety of clothes, but because of the type of material: it is more pleasant to the touch, it is not sukhovoli, roughness, as in other variants. However, it has no specific pattern of the skin, as the black colour and straps, and he is more prone to scratches. But here it is, as they say, to each his own.

In summary, it should be said that the spring renewal of the range of straps pleased. Moderately, but pleased. And although there’s only one completely new type (nylon strap), which has left mixed impressions, but a lot of new colors, essentially expand possibilities of combining the familiar types of straps with different clothes. Once again you should pay attention to the fact that the right to choose the strap, hold it in your hands and having the opportunity to “live” to appreciate the color and texture of the material.

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