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Why the Samsung processor chips behind the iPhone and why Samsung still loses to Apple

Samsung is one of the few smartphone manufacturers that manufacture their own processors, and the main producer of chipsets for Apple. However, in-house SoC, the South Korean company is not able to show the same level of performance, which demonstrate the giant California processors. Why is this happening?

The reviewers Bloomberg, who published extensive material about the work of the Vice President of hardware technologies Johny Apple Srouji, answered this question. Along the way, the journalists told why Samsung continues to lag Apple and borrows the technology of the iPhone competitor.

It’s no secret that many manufacturers of smartphones and tablets copy Apple. They take the ideas of the producer, adapting them to Android and implement in their products. Samsung does the same. For borrowings far to seek: for Retina displays, 64-bit mobile chips, fingerprint scanner, Apple Pay. All of these technologies first appeared on iPhone, and several years later made his debut in Samsung devices. This year, the Galaxy S7 will get two key features of the latest flagship Apple – Touch display and 3D Live Photos.

In the article about johnny Srouji journalists told how the process of developing chips for the iPhone. According to the journalists, Apple boasts unattainable for competitors level of integration of hardware and software. This allows it to successfully implement the most innovative solutions in the device.

“How does the process of development of new chips Apple allows the company to create products in which hardware perfectly complements the software that makes it possible to keep the necessary balance between functionality and power consumption,” notes Bloomberg.

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Being the contract manufacturer of Apple, Samsung can’t learn technological secrets, so gets copies at the last moment. “Engineers and designers Apple can operate for years on new features, but Samsung learns about them only at the beginning of mass production”, – writes the edition.

As in the design of their devices Apple controls the development process and software, and hardware company can provide close interaction between different teams on a level that is unreachable for Samsung. Ultimately, the mobile business of South Korean brand depends on the platform Android, which she cannot control.

According to Bloomberg, the development team of processors in the Apple has the right to vote in regard to software features iPhone and iPad. Johnny Srouji who created one of the strongest teams in the world on the development of chips and engineering technology, meets regularly with Directors of other departments, discusses the design and new features of the operating system. Its task is to provide maximum support for new software innovations at the level of “iron”.

Google, in turn, works closely with OEMs of Android devices, but the level of interactions between the chip manufacturers and the developers of Samsung Android far before that is Apple.

Srouji leading the development of processors, batteries, sensors, chips, applications processors, controllers, external memory, and other system components for Apple devices. “The engineer who attended the meetings with the participation of top managers, told how careful the departments iOS development preparing for the upcoming presentation of the new features, because his word in many ways is crucial for adoption of those or other innovations,” says Bloomberg.

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All the new features iOS devices are developed and undergo a rigorous approval of the division hardware that is not achievable for manufacturers of devices on Android. And although Samsung is also able to plan software features, the company does not have the same level of control over different pieces of the puzzle, what is the manufacturer of the iPhone. This explains the superiority of Apple products over the decisions of the competitors.

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