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Why the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be a huge hit

The Koreans gave everything at the beginning of 2017 – now Apple will easily cope with the main competitor.

In the spring of this year, Samsung showed Galaxy S8 – frameless flagship, which looked next to iPhone 7 is more modern than the “Burj Khalifa” in the background of the Stalinist skyscraper.

Asians correctly freed the device from the side frames, came up with a great slogan (“Smartphone without limits”), established an adequate price (it dropped) and earned universal respect – even Apple fans agree that the design of the S8 is clearly ahead of the top at that time “seven”.

Obviously, Samsung has made every effort, just to improve their reputation after the collapse of the explosive Galaxy Note 7. We must admit that the Koreans coped with the mission. It is a pity that the managers of this great company was not able to think at least a couple of steps forward.

So, the trend in bermocoll was born in the end of 2015. It was clear that very soon he will come to Apple you can not always to rivet devices in the iPhone 6. But Samsung is probably not conducted an analysis of the strategy of the opponent, so the iPhone X will have to compete boring Samsung Galaxy S9.

Know about him almost everything. The width of frames is reduced – this is logical. The processor will be more powerful – as always. The camera has a split – fault trends. The fingerprint scanner will move to a new location – now it is useless.

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Still will have facial recognition at Apple (or below), and the functionality of the technology Samsung DeX will be expanded: you can turn a smartphone into a desktop computer using a docking station, but use the screen of the device in the role of a touchpad.

In short, the characteristics are more predictable than the rhyme late Gufa – zero parts, is really worthy of attention. However, the price, according to insiders, will grow to about the point where dwells the iPhone X. of Course, the Galaxy S9 will promptly become cheaper, but the fact is unpleasant: what is the point to be like Apple in pricing?

However, the S9 will fail (compared to S8) not only because of the increased price. There are other problems.

First,the iPhone X: to be honest, over the last 10 years I don’t remember such hype around a single smartphone. Write about him and say every day, every hour, every minute – any news about this gadget instantly brings thousands of clicks. With “ten” hard to compete and noise, and design (“the unibrow” is better than two frames), and power the chipset.

If the S8 was the machine that set the pace, the role of the S9 is to catch up with the iPhone X. And it’s almost unreal.

Secondly, frameless have grown Chinese competitors. The same OnePlus 5T is a great choice for $ 500, and at the time of release S9 smartphone from OnePlus will cost around 400 bucks (thanks to discounts and promo codes). Given that Samsung expect to get close to the price of a thousand dollars, the prospects look questionable – the main devices of Chinese brands is not enough in what concede S9.

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The third reason to worry about the fate of the flagship Samsung – time. The later will be released a gadget, so much the worse for the Corporation. Now name two of the release date – or CES in early January or MWC in late February. Both scenarios – defeatist: ideally, the Koreans have time to bark and carry the most important premiere from spring to autumn, to a full-fledged battle with Apple for customers at Christmas.

If Samsung is ripe for such a measure now, it could break Cupertino, at least in the beginning of winter, because the shortage of iPhone X not yet eliminated. And so – a complete fiasco: the January/February “tens” are in abundance to be on the shelves, magnet buyers and distract them from the boring Galaxy S9.

But all is not bleak.

Despite the sad predictions, there are three reason to rejoice for Samsung:

1. The Koreans released Galaxy mini S9 – five-inch compact flagship. If the company is not greedy and reward the elite device specifications (as in the main model), we expect to hit the practice and statistics show that people again like smartphones, which is comfortable to operate with one hand.

2. Galaxy S8 even more cheaper and will cost about 30 thousand rubles. Adequate competitors from the A-brands in this segment are not there. By the way, let no one be fooled that the “eight” for almost a year – she’s fine, especially if used to the elongated screen.

3. Marketers appear scope for the imagination. Customers have learned that Samsung has released a smartphone without borders – now you will need to highlight the most obvious feature of the device, and something exclusive. Before Koreans ever played on the Apple trolling (for example, boasted a removable battery), but in 2018 it’s time to turn the originality, and not to inflict wanton attacks on the reputation of a competitor.

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