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Why the Samsung Galaxy S8 has no chance to replace the computer

Manufacturers have long attempted to turn the smartphone into a desktop computer, but they are a failure. Samsung with the launch of the flagship Galaxy S8 demonstrated their vision of this concept. Along with the phone was presented to a docking station DeX, which allows you to transform the smartphone into a kind of PC (with monitor with HDMI).

I must say that the attempts to make the demanded dock continued for six years, but to no avail. In 2011, for the cradle come from Motorola: Moto Atrix 4G smartphone has not buy either the hub or the laptop dock, but the idea turned down because of frail iron and scarce set of applications. The same fate befell Windows Continuum: the Lumia 950 was offered the hub, but the line was already dead, so what about accessory instantly forgotten — it turned out to be stillborn.

Third in the list of dead — Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition, the smartphone working under control of OS of Ubuntu Phone. This system when connected to the monitor mutated in the desktop, but the unusual gadget is still no one stirred.

And now you try Samsung. Its docking station DeX is equipped with two ports USB-A 2.0, Ethernet, HDMI output and USB-C port for power. Using the accessory you can connect a Galaxy S8 to the monitor, wired keyboard and mouse. Manipulators can also be connected via Bluetooth, freeing up USB ports for external storage.

At the presentation of it all looked more or less nice and promising, however, to believe such teasers is to go to a movie based on the successfully mounted trailer: very high risk to be disappointed.

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The main disadvantages of Samsung DeX:

1. The sky-high price. Docking station will go on sale in April at a price about 10 000 roubles. For the money you can buy a ChromeBook, which would be clearly more convenient than the design of the cradle, smartphone and heap of parts.

2. Horrible impracticality. You can imagine that someone has lying around the house monitor, keyboard and mouse, but no the system unit? This story is realistic in only one case: for example, a user many years ago, switched to laptops, and all peripherals related to the balcony, because throw a pity, and sell it — laziness.

What is the probability that this same person will gain a Galaxy S8 cradle and DeX, and then shake the dust from old components and build them from computer to Android? Very similar to the script of a cheap fantasy.

3. The minimum set of applications. 95% of the programs from Google Play are not focused even on tablets: they simply enlarged to fill the screen. About the computer and say nothing: a deficit of applications will be felt constantly, and packages from Microsoft and Adobe will not relieve the situation.

4. Murder voice calls. Mode computer phone will not be available for calls: speak will either have a headset or on speakerphone, and it is very uncomfortable.

DeX will become popular only if Samsung will begin to put a cradle in the box with the Galaxy S8. Then the dock has a tiny chance of triumph, because she did not have to pay. In any other hands, the fate of this accessory is collecting dust on the shelves and a logical death.

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