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Why the iPhone will never work more than one day without recharging

With each new model of iPhone, the users expect a substantial increase in the autonomy of devices. Ideally, smartphones should work two or three days away from an outlet. Unfortunately, the experts have serious doubts that it will be possible in the near future.

According to the chief researcher of the company Wildcat Discovery Technology Di strand, specializing in the technologies of batteries, progress in batteries occur every year. The problem is that manufacturers of mobile devices to create new functions that nullify the efforts of developers of batteries.

“I like this question, – the expert said on the website Reddit AMA, answering the question of when the smartphone will appear with a few days of Autonomous operation. – The answer is never.”

“Despite all the improvements in battery technology, smartphone manufacturers are developing and implementing all new features, said strand. – Large screens, bright displays, new applications, the capabilities of touch screens, etc. All these features are created so that your phones only worked in a single day. Batteries will continue to improve, but the phones will also become better”.

Wildcat Discovery Technology stressed that the performance of the battery like processors improves every year. However, improvements in this area are not able to outpace the growth requirements of hardware and hardware devices. With the launch of the fifth generation networks and the advent of the 5.8-inch display in “iPhone 8” to rely on a record time of Autonomous work is not necessary.

In the case of the iPhone the problem is compounded by the fact that Apple gadgets have a tendency to reduce the thickness of the body. The desire of the California giant to produce the most compact device reduces the size of the battery.

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To solve the problem of the relatively low battery life of modern mobile devices can only the introduction of fundamentally new technologies. So, in January reported on the development of batteries based on the lithium superoxide, which is capable of storing capacity, up to five times faster than lithium-ion counterparts. Another innovation relates to wireless charging with a range of up to 5 meters, are working at Apple. However, we are talking about experimental technologies and their implementation may take years.

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