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Why the demand for iPhone is always much higher than supply?

Edition of the Wall Street Journal explained why the demand for iPhone is always much greater than the supply.

For the past ten years is repeated the same scenario: Apple is on schedule introduces a new iPhone, and then the period of delivery is extended for a few weeks. What is a constant shortage of smartphones California Corporation, tried to explain to the experts The Wall Street Journal.

According to the resource, Apple’s not enough time to collect the right amount of new smartphones because everyone, even the most insignificant change in the design and set of components is preceded by a long process of development.

Due to the fact that the new iPhone is released once a year, Apple remains not so much time for implementation ideas developers. Let the company and not equipping every smartphone OLED display, as is the case with the iPhone X, and module for wireless charging, such as iPhone 8/8 Plus, but even small design changes require a long preliminary work.

“Even moving one of the screw may have implications for the size, placement, and performance of dozen other component, says consultant edition Chetan Sharma (Chetan Sharma). — With the annual update cycle of smartphones, the company is only a few months to withdraw the device from the projects in the lab on factory Assembly of finished products.”

In addition, the use of new components can change the entire process of creating parts and assemblies smartphone. For example, this year Apple has added in iPhone 8/ 8 Plus the wireless charging, while not changing all the previous models features and size of the case. In this regard, the project Department had to revise the entire set of parts and the Assembly process of new products.

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Often the speed and volume of production of the iPhone depend on the capabilities of partners and suppliers to Apple. In the case of OLED-panels for the iPhone X Apple has faced a variety of challenges. First, the creation of OLED displays is only concerned with Samsung. Apple has been tied to a single supplier with limited production capacity. Secondly, the process of creating OLED panels is quite complicated, and only 40% ready displays meet the quality standards of the California Corporation.

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