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Why the Apple Watch has all the chances to repeat the success of iPhone

It is impossible not to admit that “smart” watch Apple Watch, the first generation was not perfect. The main disadvantages of the device became slow and complex interface logic. The initial study of the possibilities and getting used to the menu, the Apple Watch requires much more time than in the case of iPhone or iPod.

Even the most ardent fans of “smart” hours from Apple admit that the gadget that has revolutionised the market, not changed “the rules of the game”, as many expected. The silence of the company about the sales figures of the Apple Watch suggests that the first clock generation sold worse than expected in Cupertino.

The success of the iPhone and iPad have become a sort of curse for new Apple products. People have high expectations. This revolutionary product like iPhone, you cannot create every 3-4 years. However, many consider the success of the Apple Watch with an eye on the iPhone.

If we consider the first year of the Apple Watch, then call the results disastrous, not. To start is to look at the sales of the gadget. Apple does not provide any specific data, but the results of the research show that sales of the wearable computer are growing every quarter and for the first year Apple Watch was sold twice more than the first iPhone in 2007.

Even a revolutionary product like the iPhone conquered the market overnight. However, despite the superiority of the Apple Watch at a starting sales, the launch of the first “smart” hours many call a failure.

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You need to consider that Apple released only the first generation Apple Watch. Although we do not have exact statistics on sales, but can start from the category “other products”: if during the holiday quarter of 2014 the company earned on other products $2.6 billion, then next year’s earnings in the same period increased by 65%. In addition to the Apple Watch came on the market a new Apple TV, but it is quite clear that smart watches have become a key factor of growth of indicators.

If we are talking about financial revenue, it is necessary to recall the iPod — a device that helped Apple stay afloat. The company never managed to earn by selling players more than $4 billion in one fiscal quarter. This is clearly shown in the graph below:

iPod appeared in 2011, but Apple took several years before the device start to some serious money. Moreover, the device continued to be regarded as “niche” the first four years, as evidenced by this chart:

Even the iPhone took a few years to grow into a true giant of the smartphone market:

Of course, this trend does not guarantee that the new models of “smart” hours will put sales records, but to call the Apple Watch a failure is too early.

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