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Why smart watches are not necessary and how Apple could change that

Rumors attributed the new generation of Apple Watch built-in function calls. Do things smart-watches so low, that to save them, turning a smartphone or they will remain a gadget with a unique functionality?

A full-scale “invasion” smart hours began last year. Apple released the Apple Watch, almost every reputable manufacturer of Android smartphones has presented a number of models on Android Wear (LG, Motorola, Huawei), and some, like Samsung and Pebble have created their own operating systems.

On the one hand, it is thought at Rbc, it indicates that “smart” watches have become really actual device class: they are sold around the world, they are traded in electronic stores nearest to your home metro, they advertise on the Internet, promising freedom to your hands and health to your body. Smart watches heard people are interested in them, ask questions about them on the discussion forums.

But on the other, you know you are unlikely syschete at least five people who wear them.

Weak sales

Look for sales: the most popular smartwatch in the world are Apple Watch. While Apple itself is unlikely to consider them cause for pride in financial terms, as specific data on the number of products sold the company did not disclose. Market analysts assume that the Apple watch went “edition” of 12 million. At first glance, the figure is impressive — few companies manage to sell such number of smartphones, not to mention hours.

It is believed that the Apple Watch is two-thirds of the market “smart” hours in the world, there are other manufacturers led Samsung together sell four more. A total of 16 million. And what is 16 million against half a billion sold only in one only 2015 smartphones?

It turns out that “smart” watch is one of the biggest technological paradoxes of our time: all about them heard, they all saw their releases almost every major technobrain — but their sales in comparison with smartphones can be called a statistical error. People don’t buy.

One of the weaknesses of early smart watch design. But in 2015 the stores were already beautiful models. And again — no unconditional hit. So, it’s not the design. And not even in time of Autonomous work: we put, in the end, your smartphone to charge every night. Because smartphones are indispensable, and we are ready to make small sacrifices (say, to carry the charger), otherwise the day will be literally painful. But if you have to spend a day without a smart watch?

Hardly something will change. Only a tiny bit more often have to look at the screen of the smartphone.

Smartphone, only worse

The main problem of modern “smart” hours — they largely replicate the functionality of smartphones, and almost always make it worse. The management notification, the main “trump card” of all gadgets of this type, in fact not so convenient: short SMS (“Yes”, “no”, “soon”) all very good, especially the Apple Watch, where the operating system analyzes the text and offers pre-set options, but to communicate, for example, in social networks — real darkness. After receiving notification from Facebook, it is much easier to take the iPhone out than to try to dictate in a public place text message or comment on a post.

The ability to view photos in Instagram on the small screen it is impossible to take seriously — nothing is visible, only the battery plant.

Recently Google started sending the new version of Android Wear, which will allow owners equipped with microphones hours (Huawei Watch, Asus ZenWatch second generation and LG Urbane) to talk with them… on the phone. This is a clear indicator of a loss the creators of “smart” hours. And really — why was it necessary to create a separate gadget to soon to start converting it back to a smartphone?

Now you can make calls in Apple Watch, but it can be useful is that house speaker tiny clocks just doesn’t sound loud enough to comfortably hear the person on the street. You can connect a wireless headset, but it means to hang on yet another gadget. And not from the “gagloshvili” seek to liberate us manufacturers?

In addition, applications for smart watches is much slower than even the first iPhone. To call Uber with brushes handy, but for a long time: while the app is loaded, while connected with a smartphone, while a good “think about it”… well, again it is easier to remove the device.

If you put in mind all these facts, it becomes clear that the positioning of the smart watch problem. In the current state they simply do not pass the test of functionality.

But do they have future? Definitely.

What can save “smart” watch

Smart watch is wearable electronics. They are always at our hand, from this property derive their strongest feature (for example, fitness tracking), and that in the long term can do not a Supplement to the smartphone, a second screen, and a separate gadget that makes our lives easier.

The first “sprout” is a payment system like Apple Pay. To go to the store, select a product, bring a hand to the cash register — everything else the electronics will do it myself. As PayPass, but better: watch harder to lose, and even if that happens, they are locked when removed from hands. You can bind multiple credit cards, a pin code can be set from the clock screen, there to see the balance, the notification about the purchase and other information.

It is similar to Apple Pay function at the moment seems to be the most promising for smart watches. And help them in developing another niche — the Internet of things.

The Internet of things is a collective name for smart dummies, wi-fi – microwave ovens that are managed at a distance stoves — in General, simple things, are equipped with some communication protocols like Bluetooth and wi-fi. Give them orders using the apps for the smartphone, but much easier to do it with smart watches.

Just imagine: you Wake up in the morning, remove the Apple Watch with charging, put them on a hand. The device “wakes up”, sends a few signals here and in the kitchen already boiling water, the apartment is light and the living room TV.

After Breakfast, leave home and with one gesture includes the car’s engine. Drove on the way to some “Makavto”, buy coffee, putting a watch on the reader and then the same movement — but already have a turnstile at the entrance to the office.

Much more impressive than reading a notification from the watch, isn’t it?

There is no fiction. And Apple and Samsung and Google are already working on platforms for the Internet of things. Very soon the phrase “I have a kettle on teapotOS” does not seem to be meaningless. And when that happens, smart watches also have the sense.

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