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Why Samsung, Xiaomi and Google no threat to Apple in the next year

Ambitious company is terribly behind the Corporation Tim cook. Prospects in sight – and that’s bad.

Ten days later, Samsung will introduce a phablet Galaxy Note 8. It will be very different from last year’s version not only reduced risk, but also the design.

Honestly, the Note 8 is so similar to the increased Galaxy S8 that it is not clear why the giant S8+ couldn’t you just Supplement with the stylus. Nothing would have changed – long frameless smartphone uncomfortable to use, how to call them.

The funniest insider about the eighth generation Galaxy Note is: the Koreans are finally smart enough to equip the device display with Force Touch. Note the gap from Apple received two years in Cupertino power taps read more in 2015.

This fact says very much. Contrary to the opinion of Android analysts (headed by Eldar Murtazin), Apple still sets the trends, while Samsung pursues. In Cupertino did a prank in Korea reiterated. The iPhone came dual camera – Samsung have already prepared modules. Apple progresses, the voice assistant that Samsung makes their own, but it’s too late.

The Asians struggled implementing any branded, original chips, but they absolutely do not go. Docking station for Galaxy S8 useless. The retinal scanner too. Even poor heart rate monitor never came in handy.

In this respect, Samsung tragically secondary. They even want to feel sorry, because you can see how the engineers puffed in search of a revolutionary feature, but beating the target.

For example, the Galaxy S8, which looked really good on the posters, sold below expectations. Why? Yes, because it is impractical. It has extra key, it is inconvenient to remove from the block with your finger and the pixels on the screen burn treacherously. People read about these problems and understand that with the Korean flagship them along the way.

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Of course, some potential buyers still comes to the store, but I see there is a device, which similarly uncomfortable to use with one hand as the iPhone 7 Plus. Bermocoll does not help – S8 (and the more S8+) unbearably long, in order not to use the second brush.

I mean that Galaxy Note 8 is another device from this series. Beautiful, stylish, powerful, but totally unadapted to real life.

With other competitors from Apple very melancholy.

Xiaomi presents the Mi big Mix 2, but it’s even more stillborn device than a creation of Samsung. There is also no framework and powerful hardware, but 45 thousand rubles (at current exchange rates) for the flagship Xiaomi will pay anywhere else.

Most likely, his fate is this: on the day of release Hayter Apple povykladyvat Twitter photos cute Mi Mix 2 and write something in the spirit of “cook, look, what should be the iPhone”. And then about the phablet Xiaomi all over again happily forget.

The rest of the fall releases too sluggish. LG V30 will be the victim of a tiny marketing budget. Sony churns out smartphones purely on the machine.

Google will show is traditionally a good “Pixel” touch framework and the freshest Android, but the device will be sold only in selected markets. To Russia it is, of course, will not make it, and in the United States and Europe will arrive on the shelves a limited edition. To consider Pixel can only be as a Museum piece – it was originally design for fans and connoisseurs.

Market conditions clearly demonstrates that Apple may not release even a single smartphone for another year or stock iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will easily last for 12 months of stable sales.

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But instead of silence, Apple intelligently presents just three models:

1. Experimental – without frames and without fingerprint (as requested);

2. iPhone 7s – dual camera, fast charging and a new processor;

3. iPhone 7s Plus, which will be as always something is better than 4.7-inch version.

September corporalis openly deadly, but Apple fans should not rejoice and laugh at dead enemies: unfortunately, the current situation shows lethargy of the entire IT sector, not the power company from Cupertino.

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