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Why Samsung simply has no chance to catch up with Apple

No matter how hard Samsung, but Tizen operating system has not become a substitute for iOS, or at least a worthy competitor. The South Korean giant has very limited uses proprietary platform. Now, with the development of a product plays an important role not only hardware but also software quality and reliability software. But, judging by the skill of the Samsung developers, the company never to catch up with its main competitor in the face of Apple.

Expert in the field of computer security, Program Verification Systems Andrey Karpov announced the discovery in Tizen thousands of vulnerabilities. Examined using the syntactic analyzer PVS Studio only 3.3% of the platform code, the specialist discovered about 900 problems. According to his calculations, the entire code contains 27,000 vulnerabilities.

“I researched more than 2 400 000 lines of code (with comments) and found 900 errors. The entire Tizen project , including third-party libraries, consists of 72 500 000 of code (excluding comments) in C and C++. Therefore, I checked the 3.3% of the code. Calculations: (72500000 * 900/2400000 = 27187)”, – said Karpov.

The researcher informed Samsung about the issue and offered his assistance, but the company has refused to carry out the study. “We have our own analytical tool that we regularly use to analyze Tizen. Anyway, we do not agree that Tizen is 27 000 defects,” said the company.

Earlier, the experts recognized the most unsafe Tizen operating system. The researchers found in the OS 40 vulnerabilities “zero day” that make Samsung smartphones vulnerable to remote attacks.

“This is probably the worst code I’ve ever seen. All that can be done wrong, done wrong,” said amichai, Naderman.

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The Samsung developers did not bother and borrowed a good deal of code from the operating system Bada, which the company developed earlier. In the end codebase OS looks outdated “like it’s still 2005,” said, Naderman.

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